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Frequently Asked Questions

Please search our Frequently Asked Questions to find more information about jaris working capital. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please use the contact us page to reach customer support.


What is jaris?

jaris provides small businesses with quick working capital advances that are repaid with a percentage of daily card sales processed through our partner payment providers. jaris offers fixed fee advances with no periodic interest charges, monthly bills, late fees or pre-payment penalties. Once you have agreed to the terms, funds are deposited as soon as the next business day so you can invest in your business immediately to increase inventory, purchase equipment, hire employees, and more.

jaris advances are available to select businesses that already process payments through our partners. jaris reviews your sales history to see if your business qualifies. Qualified businesses receive a customized offer from jaris.

How do jaris advances work?

jaris is a small business advance with one fixed fee. You repay the advance and fee with a percentage of card sales. There are no periodic interest charges, monthly bills, late fees, prepayment fees, penalty fees, or any other fees.

The process is simple:

  1. Receive a custom offer from jaris.
  2. Select your desired amount.
  3. Sign electronic documents to execute.
  4. Receive the funds in your account as soon as the next business day.
  5. Repay automatically beginning the day you receive your funds with a percentage of card sales until your balance is paid in full. You can also make manual payments or even pay the advance in full with no early prepayment fee.

Will my credit score be affected if I use jaris?

No. jaris determines your eligibility based on your business’ sales history, not your business or personal credit score. Using this advance won’t impact either credit score.

Does applying for a jaris advance require collateral?

We don’t require collateral for business advances and we never require a personal guarantee. However, as part of the agreement the borrower may not sell or pledge future receivables.

Do I need to fill out an application?

No. jaris does not require an application.

Do I need to change anything about how I receive my sales?

No. You don’t need to change anything. With jaris, repayments occur automatically as a percentage of daily card sales processed through our partners.

Will my offer expire?

Your jaris offer is good for a limited time. Your offer will have a specific expiration date and time and will remain available through the jaris site until such time. Once your offer expires, you will have to contact customer support.

When will I receive the funds?

Upon approval, the funds will be deposited as soon as the next business day.

What can I use my advance for?

jaris advances are for working capital purposes only. Our customers use their advances to buy inventory or equipment, hire staff, open new locations, or help with temporary cash flow needs.

How do I sign my agreement?

After you select your offer in the jaris Portal, you will be directed to a click through process to digitally sign your agreement. Please note that prior to signing you can review sample documents in the Portal.

Can I change my advance amount after funds have been deposited?

Once you have selected an offer and signed the documents, we are unable to change the amount.

Can I cancel my advance?

If you would like to cancel your advance before it has been funded, you can do so in the jaris portal. Please note, if you cancel your advance, a subsequent offer is not guaranteed.

What if my payment processor is not a partner of jaris?

To be eligible for a working capital advance from jaris, you must be a customer of one of our partner payment processors. Please contact us for a list of our partners at


What fees do I have to pay with jaris?

Unlike traditional loans, jaris charges a single, fixed fee that you’ll know before you sign up. No periodic interest, no hidden fees, and no late fees.

What is my interest rate?

There are no ongoing interest charges. Instead, the total borrowing cost of your advance is just one fixed fee. Additionally, there are no application, prepayment, or late fees.

What is my fee?

The fee is the total borrowing cost, which is the one time fixed fee. This fixed fee is the difference between your advance balance and the advance amount.

For Example:
Advance Amount - 2000,00 €
Fixed Fee - 300,00 €
Total Amount Owed - 2300,00 €

How is my fee calculated?

The fee is based on your business's your payment provider sales history, your advance amount, and the repayment percentage.


How do I repay my advance?

Much like your card processing fees, repayments get automatically deducted from your settlement account as a percentage of card sales until the advance amount and fee are paid in full.

This means repayment matches your business’s cash flow—you pay more when business is strong and less if things slow down. The total amount owed (the advance amount plus fixed fee) never changes.

What is the repayment length of my advance?

Your advance must be fully repaid within 18 months.

What is the repayment percentage?

The repayment percentage is the share of card sales that automatically goes toward repaying your advance. The repayment percentage is designed for a merchant to comfortably payback the advance within the 18 month term.

Is there a minimum payment?

Yes, you’re required to pay at least 1/18 of your initial advance balance on a rolling 60 day basis so that you make consistent repayment progress. For most merchants, regular processing volume will cover the minimum payment. Because your automatic repayments get deducted as a percentage of card sales, the amount you repay each day changes with your sales volume. The more you sell, the more repayment progress you’ll make that day. On days without sales, you’ll make no payments.

What happens if I just make my minimum payment?

If you just make the minimum payment of 1/18th your initial advance balance every 60 days, you will only pay down half the total owed balance of your advance. You will owe the remaining balance upon the maturity date of your advance.

What happens if my sales don’t cover my minimum payment?

If your daily sales cannot cover the minimum payment, you will be notified by email and required to make a minimum payment in the jaris Portal.

Can I make additional payments toward my advance balance, independent of my sales?

Yes. You are welcome to make additional payments or even pay the advance in full with no early repayment fee. You can make manual payments at any time from the jaris Portal. Automatic payments as a percentage of your sales will continue, even if you make additional payments through the jaris website, until your balance is paid in full.

Can I pay off my advance early?

Yes, you can submit prepayments any time at no additional cost in the jaris Portal. There are two types of prepayments, partial prepayment and a full repayment. Making a partial prepayment will not change the total cost of your advance. A full prepayment will likely reduce your overall fee and the value of the full prepayment is reflected in the jaris Portal.

Is there a benefit to prepaying my advance?

There is a savings if you prepay your advance within the first 6 months. Please see your Portal dashboard for an up-to-date prepayment amount.

Will I see savings or have to pay an early repayment fee if I make additional payments?

No. Your fixed fee is determined at the time of application and won’t change as a result of additional payments. There is also no early repayment fee if you make additional payments or pay the advance in full.

Payment Logistics & Timing

How long does it take to receive advance funds?

Once you receive an offer from jaris and you sign the documents, funds are automatically transferred to your account as soon as the next business day.

When does repayment begin?

Repayment begins on the Repayment Start Date outlined in your agreement and is the same day funds are deposited into the merchant bank account. A fixed percentage of your daily card sales is automatically deducted and applied toward your advance balance as soon as sales occur.